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About Me

I have had the honor and opportunity of working with individuals, youth and families within a variety of settings since 2008. I have had the pleasure of working with people who vary in age, cultural background, sexual identity and even socioeconomic status. The one commonality is the stress that teens and adults endure living here in the Silicon Valley is much higher than other places around the country. The result of this stress is debilitating expectations, high levels of anxiety and depression, decrease in positive communication, a lack of true and genuine human connection and overall dissatisfaction with life.


If you are a teen or have a teenager I know what you or your child is going through because I have been able to walk through life with them on their school campuses and see first hand the struggles they have while in school. Living here we have much more than just your normal bullying. We have cyber bullying, academic bullying, achievement pressure, social media comparison, expectations of everyone around you and of teenagers themselves all while competing with thousands of other teens for the same spot. I connect well with teenagers because I am able to empathize with what their life struggles are and I am able to meet them where they are at. I love working with teens and love how real each one of them is.

When I'm not doing therapy you'll catch me spending time with my wife and my puppy exploring different areas, hiking, camping, fishing, trying fun new food or spending time with friends and family laughing and being silly. There's also a chance we might be binge watching horror films or CSI. 

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