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Family & Couples


Sometimes it is not you as an individual who is the only one struggling.  Sometimes life circumstance has created conflict within the family and you need help getting through that. Often times I believe when one member of the family is in therapy it is often necessary to seek support for the whole family. We as family members often assume that we know everything about our families and we can do it alone. However, things that seem "normal" to us can actually be creating conflict and emotional distance and discord between those we love. Family therapy isn't about blame or taking sides, it's about helping each member of the family find a voice, find joy, love, independence and re-connect as a family unit.


Premarital Counseling: Are you thinking about getting married and want to make sure you are on the same page with the important aspects of life that help with a successful marriage? Pre-marital counseling is a great way to really dive deep into the tough topics in a safe space together. The beauty of this process is not only do you get closer to the one that you love, you get to learn more about who you are and what you believe deeply in.

Conflict Resolution: Are you fighting more than you are laughing lately? Do you find yourself craving communication and intimacy and are just lost on how to find it? Are you struggling with physical intimacy because of conflict, unhealed hurts or even infidelity? Perhaps it's time for support.

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