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Teen therapy is my jam! I have had the great honor of working with youth and teens in a variety of settings. Being able to be on school campuses has allowed me to really understand the struggles of teenagers that most adults do not understand. Teenagers now go through so much on a daily basis that even people in their mid twenties don't truly understand. 

The stress of being a teenager who lives in the Silicon Valley is unlike any other. You feel pressure to be like your peers and compete constantly even when you don't want to. You feel the pressure to be smart and this is exhibited by the amount of honors and AP classes that you take, even it they are killing you. You have to a part of a million things and must make sure each rounds out your resume. Getting into college isn't an option it is an expectation and getting into the best college is the only option. All of this while enduring constant comparison to your peers and others on social media. It is a hard time to be a teen. 

My goal is to help you reduce that stress, increase your happiness and teach you how to connect with your peers and with others. Life is about more than your GPA. Together hopefully, we can find balance in your life before you journey off to adulthood.

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